Section - XI


Page -11


Food Consumption and Nutrition



Table 11.01.   


Average per Capita Daily Food Intake

Table 11.02.   


Average per Capita Food intake by Survey Year

Table 11.03.   


Average per Capita Daily Calorie Intake

Table 11.04.   


Incidence of Poverty (Head Count Ratio)

Table 11.05.  


Head Count Index by different Methods

Table 11.06.  


Trends in CBN Poverty Measures

Table 11.07.  


Poverty Gap & Squared Poverty Gap (CBN method)

Table 11.08.  


Average per Capita Calorie& Protein Intake

Table 11.09.  


Percentage Distribution of Income by Household Groups

Table 11.10.  


Food & Non-Food Expenditure as Share of Income

Table 11.11.  


Monthly Household Income, Expenditure & Consumption







@ Food Planning and Monitoring Unit (FPMU)