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The Online Library lets you search for specific resources by applying specific filters. Each of these filters can be used separately or in combination.

Simple Search
You have three options to filter the database: type word(s) in the title; select the type of document; and choose whether the full text of the document should be available for download.
Word(s) in the title:
Provide selected key words from the title. The search is not case sensitive, so you don't have to worry about capitalizing certain words. However, you do have to use the correct spelling. Remember that some publications might use British spelling (e.g "labour" vs. “labor”). The search will also return results if you look for word fragments. For example, a search for "hung" will return titles containing "hunger".
Document type:
You can refine your search by specifying the type of document you are looking for. Following types exist:

  • Book
  • Technical Report 
  • Working Paper 
  • Research Grant Paper 
  • Journal Article
  • Presentation 
  • Conference Paper
  • Policy Brief 

Available for download;
Are you looking for documents that you can download right away, then select "Yes". If you are looking for material that is stored in FPMU's Documentation Centre, select "No". Select "any" if you are indifferent.
Advanced Search
The advanced search offers you additional fields to fine-tune your search. Apart from the ones already described for the "Simple Search", you can select from following options:

  • Author (person): Select the author of a publication from a pull-down menu
  • Author (organisation): Select the organisation that has produced a document from a pull-down menu
  • Year of publication: specify the year in which a document was published
  • Conference: If the document you are looking for was presented at a conference, select the name the conference from a pull-down menu
  • Agris subject categories: if your document is on a specific topic, you can search for it using the corresponding agris subject category
  • Keyword(s): type any keyword(s) that are linked to the document you are looking for. The autocompletion will help you find the right terms

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