Institutional Setup

Food security is governed by several institutions in Bangladesh. In order to reflect the multidimensional nature of food security, various sectors and disciplines are represented in these institutions, including agriculture, rural development, women and children affairs, health, finance, commerce and disaster management.
Four main bodies are charged with formulating and implementing food security policies, in particular the National Food Policy and its associated Plan of Action:

  • Food Planning and Monitoring Committee, a cabinet-level committee that provides overall leadership and oversight in the formulation of food security and nutrition policies. [more]
  • Food Policy Working Group, an inter-ministerial coordination mechanism that facilitates cross-sectoral participation in the implementation of the National Food Policy and its associated Plan of Action. [more]
  • Thematic Teams, specialized inter-ministerial bodies led by the Food Planning and Monitoring Unit that focus on each dimension of food security and facilitate cross-sectoral collaboration. [more]

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