Food Planning and Monitoring Committee

The Food Planning and Monitoring Committee (FPMC) is a cabinet-level committee headed by the Minister of Food. Drawing on the work of the Food Planning and Monitoring Unit, it provides overall leadership and oversight in the formulation of food security and nutrition policies.
A.    Composition of the FPMC

  • Minister, Ministry of Food as Chairman
  • Minister, Ministry of Finance
  • Minister, Ministry of Commerce
  • Minister, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Minister, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives
  • Minister, Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief
  • Cabinet Secretary
  • Secretary, Internal Resource Division
  • Secretary, Finance Division
  • Secretary, Statistics and Informatics Division
  • Secretary, Ministry of Food
  • Secretary, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs
  • Secretary, Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief
  • Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Secretary, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
  • Director General, FPMU, Ministry of Food as Member Secretary

B.    Terms of Reference (ToR):

  1. Committee will monitor overall food security situation on a continuous basis.
  2. Committee will advise the government to take appropriate decisions for action based on food production, stock, demand information and issues relating to all other aspects of food security including overall food management and "food and nutrition security."

C.    FPMU will extend the secretarial support to the Committee.

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