WTO Agreements & Bangladesh

Issues, concerns & implications for Bangladesh's financial sector post-2005

2005 will be an interesting year for Bangladesh. The Multi-Fiber Agreement (MFA) will be phased out and the whole country seems te be holding its breath to see what happens to exports and the economic growth as a result. Analysis and studies on the real sector have been exhaustive. Coping strategies have been identified. Other WTO agreements have also been debated and discussed and then impacts on various real sectors of the country analyzed. The financial sector is no exception. But analysis of the financial sector has been largely limited to the Financial Service Agreement (FSA) of the WTO. The impact of other sectors and agreements have not been analyzed in great detail. This paper attempts to look at the implications of various WTO agreements on Bangladesh's financial sector based on secondary data and research. The overall global and national macroeconomic situation is assessed first. What follows then is not an exhaustive list of  all the agreements and detailed analysis of their implications but rather agreements that may have significant impact on the financial sector in Bangladesh. Hence five agreement are analyzed: the Financial Service Agreement (FSA), the Information Technology Agreement (ITA), the Agreement on Textiles & Clothing (ATC), the Agreement on Agriculture (AOA), and finally, the Agreement on Trade Related Intellectual Property (TRIPs).

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Dec 2003

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