A study of international fisheries research

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The Study of International Fisheries Research Needs for Developing Countries (SIFR) was the result of an initiative of the First Fisheries Devel- opment Donor Consultation, held in Paris in October 1986 (World Bank 1986a). The Donor Consultation was organized because of a recognition that fishery development projects that have concen- trated on providing infrastructure have generally had a low rate of success. The projects have often led to the overdevelopment of harvesting capacity, which, when coupled with a lack of manage- ment, has resulted in the overexploitation of resources (World Bank 1986b). It was suggestedat the Consultation that lack of research could be a contributing factor, and it was agreed that research on all aspects of fisheries was needed. This research should concentrate on alleviating constraints to development. Several donor agencies were also concerned about the lack of coordina- tion in the provision of aid to fisheries research. Following the consultation, the World Bank and the Food and Agriculture Organization (F AO) drafted terms of reference for a study that would focus on these two issues (annex 1). The terms of reference were finalized, following considerable informal consultation with fishery scientists and donors, by a steering committee made up of repre- sentatives from the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Commission of the European Communities (CEC), and the FAO (annex 2).


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Dec 1992
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Fisheries and aquaculture - General aspects
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Fisheries production
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