Spectre problems of food distribution systems and impact on household food security status

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[Final Report CF # 7/07]

While Bangladesh is nationally moderately food secure, the majority of offshore island’s rural households are food insecure. In addition to total food production of a country, food distribution systems affected by local production and outside supply are important causes of food insecurity at household level. Food distribution system is affected by many visible and invisible forces. These are not equally important in all places. The overall objective of this research is to analyze and compare the food distribution system and household food security in two southern islands and those of the mainland of Bangladesh. In this research different aspect of food distribution system has been investigated and the following key points are presented.
Selection Process: No major gaps in the selection process were observed in both the VGD and VGF programs. But it is revealed from the research that a lot of vulnerable households (control groups) were found in the study areas who are outside of the safety net program. Political affiliation: Community-based targeting is biased on Political affiliation and opportunism observed in both food aided programs VGD and VGF in the two southern islands (Hatiya and Sandwip) but the situation is better in the mainland (Homna). Leakage: Quantity of leakage and distance of “distribution centre” from Upazila Headquarter are positively correlated. Preference of cash: A significant difference between ration entitlement and ration received under the existing safety net programs were reported by the respondents of the study areas. Vulnerability: In terms of Household Food Insecurity Access Scale Score it was found that respondents of the off-shore islands are more vulnerable than those of the mainland. Possession of SSNP Card: At the time of interview most of the respondents were not able to show their VGD and VGF cards and they reported that the cards were kept by UP officials. Monitoring of SSNP: In the remote pocket of island areas, the monitoring system is not effective and regular but in the mainland it is quite satisfactory. Due to weak monitoring, the goal of the program will not be achieved properly. So attempts should be made to establish or strengthen monitoring activities and ensure effective site visits at the time of relief distribution. The monitoring and evaluation of these food aided program is inevitable to make the program more effective and target oriented.

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