Selected indicators of food and agriculture development in the Asia-pacific region 1979-89


This publication Is the eighth of its kind issued by the F AO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAPA). The previous one, "Selected Indicators of Agricultural Development in Asia-Pacific Region", published in October 1989, included data covering the period 1978-88. The present publication provides information on most of the selected indicators of food and agriculture development for the period 1979-89. As many as 164 tables have been included in this publication. These tables incorporate information on: Agricultural Land and Population, Agricultural Inputs, Production Indices, Staple Food Crops, Edible Oil Crops, Horticultural Crops, Fibre Crops, Other Crops, Livestock, Agricultural Trade, Fisheries, Forestry, Nutrition and Other Indicators. Most tables show two types of information: annual figures for 1979, 198'6, 1987, 1988 and 1989; the average annual growth rate for the period 1979-1989. The country groups used in the tables are: 'Developing Countries' and 'Developed Countries' of the Region. For purposes of comparison, figures relating to 'Rest of the World' and 'Total of the World' are also presented. The data on natural resources, crops, livestock, agricultural trades, and forestry are drawn from the latest F AO computer magnet tapes and diskettes, and others are from the appropriate F AO Yearbooks. These, in turn, are based on information supplied by member countries. The growth rates shown in the present publication (except those of Fisheries) have been worked out in the F AO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific to indicate the overall regional performance and also to highlight inter-country differences. The growth rates have been calculated by regressing the annual values of the variables in the relevant period using the logarithmic least-squares method.

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Jan 1990
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