School Health and Nutrition Manual

[A guide for program planning and implementation in Bangladesh]

The purpose of this manual is to guide Save the Children School Health and Nutrition program
staff, old and new staff alike, and implementing partners in Bangladesh on how to implement the  SHN activities, setting out some basic programming standards. This manual is a reference point and  should be foHowed and used by all relevant program staff and agreed partners, starting from  program design and planning to implementation, monitoring and reporting of SHN programs in  primary and pre-schools, and in the community.  Save the Children USA, Bangladesh Country Office manages different programs in the field of  health, education, food & nutrition, food security. adolescent development and HIV/AIDS, covering  all six divisions of Bangladesh. The SHN program targets primary school and pre-school aged  children. The main aim of SHN is to improve children's health and nutrition status so as to improve  their educational performance and mitigate all health related factors that prevent children from  learning and performing well at school.
The manual is divided into 6 chapters. Chapter I gives an overview of Save the Children (mission,  guiding principles, priority results and strategies), including Save the Children's work in Bangladesh.  Chapter 2 introduces SHN (rationale and guiding framework) and describes the SHN need and  Save the Children's  SI-IN programs in Bangladesh; Chapter 3 provides guidance on designing an SHN  program using the SHN Results Framework and the agency approved program cycle as a basis;  Chapter 4 describes how the program planning process at every level (school/community. district,  national and Save the Children); Chapter 5 describes each intervention by Intermediate result and  how it is implemented; Chapter 6 lays out the requirements for monitoring, supervision and  reporting.  The primary users of this manual will be staff working for Save the Children, particularly SHN  Program staff and implementing partners. It is an organizational reference document and can be used  at any time by staff for reference purposes. This manual should be used in program implementation  by field staff and management and for supervision and monitoring by the supervisor: It can also be  used in program planning and design by Save the Children or by its partners.

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Jan 2010

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