Rural households' attitude towards savings and demand for savings services


The present study makes an assessment of the demand for liquid savings services by rural households. The scope for the study has been wider than this and the estimates have been presented in a broader context of attitude of rural men and women towards savings and institutional savings services. It should be mentioned that the assessment of demand for savings services by rural household is beset with difficulties arising from the need to obtain detailed data on savings. Besides, there are also difficulties in identification of savings which would be relevant for generating demand for liquid savings services from formal financial institutions. The present study has been conducted in the context that ASA will provide liquid savings services in some areas covered by SC-ASA credit program. The rural households will be able to have saving deposits where they can put their small savings and withdraw it easily as and when required. Save the Children(USA) has been working in the area of Nasimagar Thana for a long time and ASA program for MC has been initiated as part of SC-ASA collaboration.

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Jun 2008
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