Bangladesh Pursuing common goals

[Strengthening relations between government and development NGOs]

This report builds on those and extends its scope to include in-depth analyses of a broader
range of issues related to the key elements in the planning, legislative and fiscal structure
that set the environment within which the NGOs operate. Actions are suggested for
dealing with each of them. The discussion covers the present strengths and limitations of
both Government and NGOs in tackling the developmental challenges of the country,
particularly in addressing poverty. The report identifies the potential for constructive
collaboration and the necessary framework to support it. The complex legal, regulatory
and coordination frameworks, fiscal policies, financial sustainability, accountability and
local governance are analyzed to shed light on specific areas that warrant attention and
change. The report does not include any contextual analysis of the roles and relations of
the state, NGO and civil society in Bangladesh.
The key purpose of this report is to make a difference. The success of this exercise can
only be measured by the extent to which it can convince the Government and the NGOs
to bring about the necessary changes in their policies and practices so that a more fruitful
partnership can be fostered.
The report is special in two aspects. Firstly, it has been prepared by a team of respected
national professionals. Secondly, the study has been undertaken in a highly participatory
manner (Annex I). The findings of the report are based on an extensive literature review,
a survey of select NGOs, as well as interviews with members of NGOs, civil societies,
government, the parliament and the donor community. An Advisory Committee (Annex II)
composed of representatives of Government, NGO and academic communities was set
up by the Government to guide the study team at various stages. 

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Jan 1996

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