Problems and possibilities of scaling up production and consumption of safe foods

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[Final Report CF # 4/07]

A survey research was conducted during October 2007 - September 2008 to find out constraints and prospects of safe foods in Bangladesh. Four groups of respondents including IPM farmers, specialists, consumers and retailers were interviewed totaling to150. Major constraints to safe food production were lackings like awareness in farmers, technologies, safe inputs, market channeling, policy support and collective efforts.  Hindrances to marketing were lack of trust on food safety, awareness, integrated initiative and non-availability of safe food items in the market. Measures on development of consumers trust on food safety includes ways like-system transparencies of the food chain, use of logo/label, chemical tests, functioning of local level inspection and certification system for safe foods. The study resulted to development of Bangladesh Safe Agro-food Efforts (b_SAFE) Foundation- promoting safe foods. It concluded with recommendations including:
• A massive awareness raising support including appraisal of the policy makers on the concept and practices of safe food and agriculture;
• Support in generation, collection and demonstration of safe technologies and inputs.
• Provide support in the process for building consumers’ trust on safe foods
• Organize integrated initiative for establishing production-marketing chain of the safe food 

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Jan 2010
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