National Food Policy Plan of Action and Country Investment Plan Monitoring Report 2012

Technical Report
[Monitoring Report 2012]

The Monitoring Report of the CIP and NFP/PoA captures the progress towards results identified in the PoA and CIP result frameworks, as well as the evolution of financial delivery and commitment in food security for the period July 2010 - June 2011, the first financial year following the one used as baseline for the CIP. 

The report begins by describing the approach taken to monitoring. Indeed, monitoring two documents jointly has required careful thinking on how to organize the exercise to ensure adequate coverage. Progress towards the NFP Goals, the NFP Objectives reflected in the CIP outcomes, i.e. availability, access and utilization, pointing out issues and policy challenges is then given. For each NFP Objective, outputs are then scrutinized assessing progress in the indicators and providing an overview of policy developments/programmes under way and needs for further action. The following section describes general financing of food security by the GoB and then turns specifically to the progress in the financing of the CIP. The report ends with an overall assessment of progress and recommendations based on the analysis carried out.

Overall, the Monitoring Report 2012 indicates that Bangladesh is becoming a more food secure, better nourished and healthier country. However, progress has been uneven. Food is more readily available in the country, but many people still need to access it in adequate quantity,quality, diversity and regularity. 

The CIP has achieved substantial results in scaling up food security interventions: the budget is now 9.1 billion USD and progress were made towards full financing, with the funded part increased up to 57% of the total budget (with additional US$ 2.17 billion, from Government and DPs) from a baseline of 37% at the time of CIP approval (2011). Of the total financed, the government contribution is 3.3 billion USD (63%) and the remaining 1.9 billion (37%) is the contribution of Development Partners.

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