The National Food Policy Plan of Action (2008 - 2015)

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The NFP Plan of Action (PoA) 2008 translates the provisions of the National Food Policy, 2006
towards achieving its three core objectives into 26 strategic areas of intervention, priority actions to be undertaken in the short term, medium term and long term over the period 2008-2015. It identifies responsible actors (government and non-government) and suggests a set of policy targets and indicators for monitoring progress. The document provides a set of guidelines regarding inter-ministerial coordination, sectoral planning and budgeting, with a view to promoting implementation effectiveness. It also gives an outline of the strategy for monitoring of progress. The development of the PoA has been guided by three major principles: stakeholders’ involvement, policy consistency and results-orientation. Thus, the PoA is the culmination of a set of iterative consultations and analytical work conducted jointly by the four Thematic Research Team (TRTs), (which involve representatives of 12 ministries/ divisions/departments), FPMU (Food Planning and Monitoring Unit) wing staff and NFPCSP (National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme) team of national and international experts to address the four key dimensions of food security challenges, namely food availability, physical and social access of food, economic access to food and utilization of food for nutrition, as enshrined in the National Food Policy (NFP).
The PoA draws upon and extensive review of the strategic provisions contained in the NFP and
their linkages with existing food-security relevant national and sectoral planning documents
supplemented by several rounds of consultations with representatives of relevant partner
ministries/agencies, including selected regional and local representatives, as well as nongovernment experts and practitioners. In this process, special emphasis has been placed on aligning the contents of the PoA with Bangladesh’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) titled “Unlocking the potential: National Strategy for Accelerated Poverty Reduction” (NSAPR, 2005) and related monitoring framework for various reasons.
This document is meant to be considered as dynamic document that will be adjusted in improved as relevant, based on the results of monitoring activities, the experience gained in the process of its implementation, further reflections and stakeholders consultations at both national, regional and grassroots levels in the strategic fields and sectors covered under the various areas of interventions, as well as possible changes in the key factors affecting development prospects and conditions in Bangladesh
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Aug 2008
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