An Investigation of the VGD and RD Programs

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[FMRSP Working Paper No. 3]
In this article, we report the results of an investigation aimed at analyzing the efficiency of two large targeted food programs in Bangladesh (the VGD and the RD programs, of the World Food Program) in increasing the income and the consumption of grain of the intended beneficiaries. The analysis for this investigation included a series of activities including analyses of current documents, evaluations and reports; structured interviews with government officials, members of the selection committees, government officials and other implementing agents; group interviews with beneficiaries; and finally structured interviews of beneficiaries using short questionnaires.
The fieldwork was carried out in March-April, 1998. The analysis of the VGD was carried out in 10 Union Parishads (UPs) of 5 Thanas in 4 districts. The analysis of the RD program was done at five sites of different Thanas. Therefore, results need to be interpreted with care since they cannot be statistically representative of this programs in Bangladesh. Nevertheless, the findings can be regarded as being indicative and the methodology can be used for pursuing further, more in-depth investigations in the future.
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Jul 2000
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