Impact of paid employment and self employment on income and prospects of food security

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[Final Report PR # 3/07]

Past studies on food security situation of Bangladesh focused mainly on the macro level issues.  The links between pattern of employment, underemployment (seasonal and year round) and household level food security has been examined by the present study. The study is based on HIES 2005 data and a special household survey.  HIES (2005) Based Results
Based on the overlap set of less than or equal to 2122 calorie and income below poverty threshold, 26.5 per cent households are food insecure. If only calorie intake is taken as the criterion, 39.5 per cent were below this line. But those who are above the poverty line income threshold and still consume less calorie than required are likely to have done this voluntarily and they cannot be considered as food insecure.

Results of Household Survey, In the four villages 55.5 per cent households were faced with food insecurity (FI) reflected in inadequate full meals during 2007-2008. This share is 67.7% among the landless (0-50 dec) households.46.4 per cent households reported severe worsening of food shortage in 2008, April compared to same period of 2007 and 17.0 per cent reported improvement, giving a net 29.4 per cent households facing a decline. Survey 2008 reveals sharp seasonality of FIS and employment.  The most vulnerable months are mid-September to mid-November and mid-February to mid-April with 50 to 52 per cent households facing FIS.  Major causes of food insecurity are lack of enough employment for wage labourers especially in slack seasons, large health expenditure, ill health of adult members resulting in inability to work.

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