Impact of analysis of international food trade on domestic food market and price

Technical Report
[EWFIS report no. 38]

Bangladesh is developing country and balance of import and export trade plays a vital role in achieving rapid economic development. The trade balance is unfavorable because each year Bangladesh has to spend more for importing capital goods and raw materials for capital goods as well as industrial raw materials. The current gap in visible trade of Bangladesh is significant and volatile and seems to be widening. Government is trying to boost exports by providing various forms of incentives to the private sector exporters. In recent years some non-traditional items have entered in the list of exportable commodities. Holding of expo fairs at fairs at home and abroad is a part of export promotion effort. Trade may be the vehicle for the changes in the factor endowments. Imports might allow new markets to be identified and developed, so that risks of entering these markets are reduced for domestic producers. The potential for copying the imports themselves or the technology through which they were produced, might be large. Tastes change frequently, leading to changes in trading patterns.

Trade in good, services and factor payments is just part of the interconnectedness of the world economy. Also virtually important is the movement of capital from one nation to another. The bank loans and the international sale of corporate and government securities are enormous. Statistics are not so easy to gather on capital movements, but those available show substantial amounts. The extent of the integration of the world economy has profound significance not only for individuals, but also for policy makers and economic institutions. Simultaneously national governments, which control currencies, manage the microeconomic environment and determine macroeconomic policies, have grown strong and have played an increasing role in shaping their national economics.
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Aug 2002
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