The Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition

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The Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum) was established in October of 2007 to bring together academics, researchers and development practitioners for facilitated online discussions and knowledge sharing on food security and nutrition. We launched our very first discussion, on “Drawing lessons from food security and nutrition research, analysis and information for improved decision making and response”, with 300 registered members. Today, four years on and 75 discussions later, the FSN Forum is a thriving online community of over 3 700 registered members from 140 countries around the world.

This publication reflects the breadth and diversity of the FSN Forum’s most recent  ,as well as its future potential, by showcasing a handful of significant discussions that touched central topics and trends in food security, nutrition and beyond. Some discussions are marked by debate, others by consensus, and still others are – quite simply – great discussions. Not every discussion results in a perfect solution to the problem, or even a perfect understanding of the problem, for that matter. But almost everyone has given you something you may not have known – whether it’s a point of view you had not seen, or a consequence you had not considered, or a connection you had not made.

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Jun 2012
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Food Security
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Human nutrition - General aspects
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FPMU Documentation Center
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