Environmental management and economic development


Environmental degradation threatens the productivity of agricultural and forest resources on which developing countries depend for their economic growth. The problem is most pervasive in the poorest countries, where poverty and population pressures compel people to deplete the natural resources to meet their iinmediate needs for survival. Forests are burned to make room for food crops, the soil is depleted when cow dung must be used for cooking fuel instead of fertilizer-and both the environment and prospects for economic betterment suffer. This volume shows dearly that much environmental damage is the result of either shortsighted policies or lack of knowledge, as when insecure land tenure, artificially low farm prices, and illiteracy keep farmers from practicing soil conservation. The authors analyze the relation between environmental factors and economic development and focus on how developing countries can protect and even improve their natural environment while continuing to improve the economic and social welfare of their people. They look at analytical and methodological questions, illustrate in detail many of the problems, and point to possible solutions. Contrary to 'other recent studies, this book finds cause for some optimism: governments are turning their attention to these issues, examining the environmental effects of various economic policies, and,  taking steps to preserve the environment and prevent further damage. One of the more hopeful findings is that economic development and environmental protection do not stand as unalterably opposed choices, but often walk hand in hand. Systematic evaluations and assessments of economic costs and benefits often prove that sensible policies and  actions that protect the environment can at the same time contribute to economic progress.

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Jun 1991
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environmental management
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