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The policy of lending by the World Bank 1 for education has evolved gradually since 1962 when the first education project was approved. From 1963 to 1970, the policy was elaborated in memoranda from the President of the Bank and lending was largely restricted to hardware and those areas of education that directly met the needs for manpower as they were perceived at the time. In 1971, a first comprehensive Education policy paper was issued, which rec- ommended a systematic study of the entire education sector of a country as a prerequisite for financing, and suggested comprehensive aid to education. In 1974, a second sector working paper was issued to reflect a broadening of the Bank's development policy. Four governing principles for aid to education were emphasized: the provision of minimum basic education, meeting critical needs for manpower, efficiency, and equity. The present paper updates the Bank's interpretation of educational development and outlines a framework of policy for lending to education. The paper is divided into two major parts: the first deals with issues and trends in the development of education (Chapters 1-7), and the second describes the past and future policies and programs of lending by the Bank for education (Chapters 9 and 10)  within the context of overall external aid to education (Chapter 8). 

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Apr 1980

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