Bangladesh Country Investment Plan (June 2010)

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[A Road Map towards investment in agriculture, food security and nutrition]

 This report presents the Bangladesh Country Investment Plan (CIP) for agriculture, food security and nutrition. It results from wide consultations through meetings and written contributions and was eventually extensively discussed during the Bangladesh Food Security Investment Forum (26-27 May). The CIP was endorsed by the Government on 14 June 2010 as living document which should be regularly revised and updated on the basis of evolving circumstances.
The CIP provides a coherent set of priority investment programmes (12 at this stage) to improve food security and nutrition in an integrated way. It is a comprehensive plan, builds on the existing framework, reflects the Government’s investment priorities and aims to: (i) plan and invest resources in a coordinated way;  (ii) increase convergence and alignment of budget and external sources of funding, and; (iii) to mobilize additional resources. Proposed investments relate to strengthening physical, institutional and human capacities in the field of agriculture, water management, fisheries, livestock, agricultural marketing, food management, safety nets, nutrition and food safety. 
The CIP is a contribution to the National Strategy for Accelerated Poverty Reduction II (December 2009) and was developed by the Government with FAO support by building on: (i) the National Food Policy (2006) and the 26 areas of intervention contained in its Plan of Action (2008-2009) and the 2010 monitoring report of the NFP PoA; (ii) the six thematic background papers prepared by the Government, IFPRI and BIDS in anticipation of the investment forum; (iii) an inventory of the past and on-going programmes and projects in the respective fields (Annex 1 to the CIP); (iv) relevant Government planning and programmatic documents; (v) consultations with relevant Government institutions and key partners. The CIP is the conversion of these documents and consultations with stakeholders into investment programmes to fill gaps, scale up current positive interventions and develop new programmes as prioritized by the Government. 

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Jun 2010
Bangladesh Food Security Investment Forum
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