An assessment of research needs for food security in Bangladesh

Technical Report
[Technical report # 1]

A key output planned under the National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme
(NFPCSP) is a Research Needs Digest (RND) that will serve as a reference for food security
related research and as a basis for inviting research proposals under the NFPCSP research
grant award initiative. The RND is the core of the present report which is the Assessment of
Research Needs (ARN). While the ARN reports on the entire assessment exercise with
findings appearing from the unabridged level (without any selection of priorities having been
made) to the digest level (a select set of priority Research Themes), the RND is the
prioritized findings in the digest (Chapter 8 of this report).
The RND highlights the views and current thinking of various stakeholders in the food
security debate on what constitute important gaps in knowledge regarding food security
policy related research in Bangladesh. The ARN together with the RND is intended to be an
information store house containing a wide range of topics, titles and questions on research
issues relevant to food security for Bangladesh. These cover the main dimensions of food
security, namely availability, access, and utilisation for nutrition as well as cross cutting
issues of governance and institutions, infrastructure and environment. The ARN will also
contribute to the stock of knowledge available to the Food Policy Working Group (FPWG)
and Thematic Research Teams (TRTs) in providing fruitful services in support of the
implementation of the National Food Policy.

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Apr 2007
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