Agricultural marketing strategy and pricing policy


The collection and distribution of agricultural products, particularly food, is an important mechanism for redistributing resources, wealth, and power. The marketing of agricultural products can therefore be considered a tool of development policy and an instrument for regulating and executing development processes. In many developing countries, however, marketing constraints are becoming increasingly problematic. Complex political, institutional, economic, and operational issues concerning agricultural marketing have made it difficult to develop a general framework for understanding the performance of marketing systems in individual countries.
This volume arises out of a seminar for senior officials involved in agricultural marketing and decisionmaking in ten developing countries. Its eleven chapters, divided into two parts on marketing institutions and marketing and on pricing policy, reflect the varied backgrounds of the participants.The treatment includes experiences in planning and managing markets in developing countries and emotional issues invoiving ideological differences in market organizations and the participation of farmers in marketing decisions. The book concludes with a review of the discussions and a case study.

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Aug 1988
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Agricultural economics and policies
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Trade, marketing and distribution
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