Social Safety Nets in Bangladesh: An Assessment

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[Bangladesh development series Paper No. 9]

This paper assesses the current system of social safety nets in Bangladesh. It focuses attention on the poor, recommends revisions to existing programs and institutional arrangements, proposes new strategies to minimize the poverty and vulnerability, and stresses the need to improve the allocation of limited fiscal resources and the efficiency with which these resources are used. This paper focuses on the largest programs in the country, acknowledging that some programs may be left out. The paper is organized as follows. Chapter 2 reviews poverty and vulnerability in Bangladesh, and presents their dimensions and characteristics. It focuses on the operational definitions of poverty and vulnerability. Chapter 3 presents an overview of safety net programs in Bangladesh. Chapter 4, based on the evidence available and our analysis, assesses the impact of these programs. Chapter 5 examines issues such as program coverage, targeting, and the administration of programs. Chapter 6 provides options for further developing safety net strategies in Bangladesh.

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Jan 2006

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Development economics and policies
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FPMU Documentation Center
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