Postgraduate education and on-the-job training were important components of the Programme. A specific effort was made to strengthen the institutional setting of FPMU so as to retain and further improve the technical capacities that have been developed. The Programme supported two types of training: on-site and abroad, each responding to different needs.

On-site training

Specialized short courses on topics related to food security were organized at regular intervals. These included the use of “Food Balance Sheets”, “Fundamentals of Food Security and Vulnerability”, “Principles and Applications of a Food and Nutrition Approach” and an “Introduction to Early Warning Systems”. Furthermore, training is being offered on English and Computer Skill Development, including an intensive training course on Communication and Team Building, on the statistical software SPFS and IELTS certifications.

A selection of training material is available for download HERE

Training abroad

Short term training abroad was provided by reputed international institutions that offered intensive courses on specialized topics related to food security. Officers assigned to the Food Planning and Monitoring Unit and Thematic Teams from partner ministries were eligible for this type of training and were selected on a merit basis. In addition, the Programme promoted postgraduate training, such as PhD and Masters programmes at selected universities abroad, including the United Kingdom and Malaysia.

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