Monitoring Reports

The National Food Policy commits the Government of Bangladesh to ensure food and nutrition security for all citizens - including the most vulnerable households, mothers and young children - through a comprehensive approach to food availability, access and utilisation for nutrition. To this effect, the Government adopted a Plan of Action (NFP-PoA, 2008-2015) and a multi-billion dollar Country Investment Plan for Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition (CIP, 2011-2015) consistent with the Sixth Five Year Plan (2011-2015) and the Millennium Development Goals. The NFP-PoA and CIP provide a result framework and a prioritized investment plan for coordinated interventions up to 2015.

The NFP-PoA and CIP Monitoring Report (MR) monitors progress towards the NFP targets. Production of the report is led and facilitated by the Food Planning and Monitoring Unit (FPMU) of the Ministry of Food, in collaboration with 17 partner divisions from 13 ministries, counting on technical assistance from FAO and financial support from EU and USAID (under the National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme up to September 2014). The MR draws on several frequent inter-ministerial meetings. Drafts are reviewed by the Food Policy Working Group (FPWG) and in a stakeholder consultation composed of the Government, development partners, private sector and civil society. The MR is subsequently discussed and endorsed by the National Committee.


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