Food Security and Nutrition Data Portal

The Food Security and Nutrition Data Portal of the FPMU provides the public an easy access to a comprehensive and continuously updated database of information on food security and nutrition data in Bangladesh. Through this portal data can be downloaded and analysed in different formats.

The portal is a gateway to a more complex Data Management System of a larger Food Security and Information System (FSNIS) that was developed in collaboration with HISP India, an international NGO with extensive experience in the design of software solutions and counting on technical assistance from FAO and financial support from EU and USAID (under the National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme up to September 2014).

The FSNIS comprises: i) a Data Management System for internal use of FPMU staff helping in the automated production of relevant reports (namely the Daily and Fortnightly Foodgrain reports); ii) the document repository consisting of an online Library and physical documentation center; iii) this website.

To Access the data about the Food Security Nutrition, please click here.

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