Sustainable food security


Sustainable physical, economical and social access to a balanced food for every citizen in developing country is a great challenge to policy planners, researchers and other stakeholders. Sustainable agriculture production and socio-economic empowerment of people are central focus of programmes and technologies implemented to achieve the sustainable food security. The book on "Sustainable Food Security" revolved around technologies of sustainable agriculture production and means of livelihood improvement particularly in North Eastern Region of India. The major topics covered in the book are concepts and problems offood security, interrelation of food security and sustainable agricultureproduction, technology transfer andextension systems, good agricultural practices, watershed management, dairying, indigenous alternate food, earthworm technology, soil health management, system of rice intensification, fodder cultivation .and pasture management, use of residues, empowerment of women, 'self help groups, marketable and marketed surplus, management of rural value chain, etc. This book will be useful to researchers, academics, policy makers and other stakeholders who are involved in food security and sustainable agriculture production systems.

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Jun 2010
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Food Security
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FPMU Documentation Center
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