Sustainability issues in agricultural and rural development policies

Training Material
Vol. 2: Trainer's kit

This document is a set of materials to be used, in full or in part, in training sessions on environmental and sustainability issues in agricultural policy courses, in particular in FAD training programmes on agricultural policy analysis and planning in developing member countries. It includes lecture notes, reading materials and references, exercises and further background information for trainers. As it covers a multi-disciplinary field, it is meant to be used by trainers who are not necessarily experts in environment and sustainable agricultural policies but who may be either agricultural economists with a good knowledge of environmental issues or environmental economists with a generalunderstanding of agricultural policies. The target group of trainees consists of economists, agronomists, livestock, forestry, fisheries specialists and others involved in agricultural policy analysis or sector /subsector project planning work. Volume I is for distribution to trainees. Volume II is designed as a complement for the trainers. It includes a summary of the main messages to be transmitted, main references to use to prepare lectures, suggestions for transparencies, solution sets of exercises, and some additional information in case of discussion or requests to deepen certain issues. The package is divided into 6 lessons which may be used consecutively or in isolation. The length and depth of each session will be adapted to the course to which these sessions correspond. Each trainer should select the relevant parts of the materials according to the needs of the trainees and the time available. The 6 sessions are meant to take from a minimum of one day to a maximum of one week. Longer sessions may also be prepared with the complementary use of the FAD software ECDZDNE1 and additional topics or exercises may be built from the literature.

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Jan 1995
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