SRP BWDB systems rehabilitation project

[Proceedings of the national seminar on implementation of pilot cost recovery programme in KIP]

The recovery of O&M costs of irrigation projects under BWDB has been an issue of major concern of both GOB and donors. In absence of a sustainable cost recovery mechanism, the cost recovery programmes had little success. Viewed in this context, GON provided technical assistance to BWDB under SRP to study the efficacy of the revised water rate rules. In the first stage, the consultant had completed the study in 1992 and based on the study results, the Water Rate Rules' 1992 was adopted for pilot implementation in the Ichamati Unit of KIPinitially and in phases in MIP and CIP subsequently. In second stage, the consultant was required to operationalize the rules on a pilot basis in the Ichamati Unit of KIP under the pilot programme. The actual collection of water rate effected in 1993-94. The pilot experience in KIP has developed the participatory approach for improved O&M service and cost recovery mechanism. The experiences suggest that the farmers are willing to pay for supply of water in adequate quantity in a timely manner and with an appropriate degree of reliability. This will mean a sustainable O&M to provide service to the users of the system. As per recommendation of the Bangladesh-BWQ,8 systems Rehabilitation Project supervision Mission of May - June 1994, the National Seminar was organized to present the findings and to help formulate recommendations for implementation of a cost recovery programme onwards. The seminar was primarily aimed at developing policy perspective towards a sustainable cost recovery mechanism.

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Oct 1994
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FPMU Documentation Center
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