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This manuscript is the culmination of a highly successful, and crucial training program which included five classes for the researchers/scientists of the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) in Bangladesh. The text, initiated in May 1990, has been enriched with five subsequent classes, field work, and the previous extensive experience of the author in reconnaissance and rapid appraisals in Indonesia, Canada, and Bangladesh. This manuscript also fulfills a commitment made to the trainees and other researchers to prepare and deliver a document which they could use as a reference in their future endeavors. In this context, the manuscript was prepared with an intensive review of conceptual framework, applications, uses, and precepts. It has also been organized as an aid to teaching rapid appraisal techniques, both in the classrooms and at the field level. Similarly, the manuscript can be employed for longer-term formal training, as well as a guide for condensed training sessions hPfnrl' an armraisal is undertaken.

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Dec 1990
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FPMU Documentation Center
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O-1990-06 (2 copuies)
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