A research needs digest for food security in Bangladesh

Technical Report
[Technical Report # 2]

The present exercise is devoted to assessing research needs and to taking stock of research appropriate to enhancing food security in Bangladesh. It has two parallel aims: one is to help inform decisions about setting research priorities by policy-makers, researchers and civil society; the other is to inform decisions by the National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme (NFPCSP) about setting a research agenda for technical assistance and awarding research grants. This Digest represents the core of the findings and outcomes of the whole exercise to date – a ‘digest’ of the Assessment of Research Needs (ARN – the ‘full report’ hereafter). It is meant to be stand-alone document and termed the Research Needs Digest (RND for short).
The intent of this digest is to provide a basis for further discussions, not to present a closed set of research priorities. Elsewhere in the ARN, unabridged findings are presented in the form of a master matrix of research topics and titles, classified according to the four dimensions and sub-dimensions called clusters. Readers wishing to order their own set of priorities can set aside the authors’ selections while still being free to use the master list of clusters and the associated master matrix. Readers who are persuaded by our methods for selecting priorities will stand most to benefit from the detailed conclusions of the RND.

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Apr 2007
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