Research to inform food and nutrition security policies (3-4 July 2013)

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The NFPCSP ( helps strengthening institutional and human capacities in Bangladesh, to design, implement, and monitor food security policies. A major component of this programme is the Research Grant Scheme, which funds policy-relevant food security research that is part of the policy research agenda of the Food Planning and Monitoring Unit of the Ministry of Food and Disaster Management. The research programme is expected to provide concrete policy options for improving food and nutrition security in the country.

 A workshop was held on 3 and 4 July 2013 to present final results from 14 research studies and preliminary results from 2 studies. The Workshop marks the final stage of a process initiated in 2009 with the approval of 16 research topics by the Ministry of Food, based on the Government's priorities on Food and Nutrition Security. The 16 research studies were thereafter commissioned to National Research Institutions through an open competition, with 14 of them initiated in October 2011 and currently completed and other 2 initiated in April 2012 and expected to be completed in fall 2013. The research outcomes are intended to inform Government’s policy making on food and nutrition security. They have already been used as references for producing the National Food Policy Plan of Action and Country Investment Plan Monitoring Report 2013 that is the annual Government's report reviewing progress towards the PoA and CIP’s objective and the evolution of financing and delivery under the CIP. Workshop participants will include representatives of the Government of Bangladesh, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Development Partners (DPs), national experts, media etc. The first thematic area covered research studies related to food availability: land, water and credit and profitability. The estimates of future trends that are likely to affect agriculture production and agriculture diversification were presented and progress related to trends in availability of water, land and credit for agricultural purposes; efficiency and profitability of selected agriculture products, policy options for supporting farmers production and incomes and promoting agriculture diversification were also discussed. The second thematic area provided new evidence and policy options for improving food access. Three studies were presented, two of which related to social safety-nets, a potential tool for safeguarding the food security of the poorest. In improving the effectiveness of safety-net programmes, one of the studies examined the targeting and prioritization issues; the second study reviewed the specific challenges for social safety-nets arising from climate change. Under the research study covering the food access theme, specific issues of rural urban migration were pointed out, including overseas remittances. The third thematic area covered research studies related to food composition, food utilization and nutrition. In promoting infant and young child feeding, the need for mothers to be aware of how to plan and prepare complementary foods and feed their young children with the right amount and type of foods was discussed. The Complementary Feeding Manual was discussed and copies were made 6 available to the participants. Similarly, on the basis of the normative energy and nutrient requirements for the Bangladeshi population, plans for sustainable diets at affordable cost with dietary guidelines for a healthier nation were discussed. Central to these issues are reliable food and nutrient composition data and food composition tables (FCT). The final updated FCT was presented and discussed with much appreciation from participants. Information on safety of foods based on a total diet study was shared to provide preliminary insights for agriculture planning, diet and nutritional assessment, food safety regulations and consumer protection.

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