A regional rice strategy for sustainable food security in Asia and the Pacific


The 31st Session of the FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific (APRC) held in Hanoi in March 2012 called upon FAO to coordinate the development of a rice strategy for the region. This call was made in the backdrop of the food crisis of 2007/08 and increased attention being paid to the development of the rice sector by national governments and international agencies.
To respond to the call, the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) formed a special task force to formulate a rice strategy through the mobilization of its internally available technical expertise as well as an advisory group of eminent experts called “The External Rice Advisory Group (ERAG).” The ERAG mettwice during 2013 to provide neutral and unbiased advice to the task force for the preparation of the rice strategy. It is recognized that rice strategies and policies are country-specific. However, given the increasing interlinkages among sectors and countries, a national strategy is best formulated when guided by insights and parameters identified within a framework on regional and global assessments of the situation and outlook. A single regional rice strategy does not capture the diversity that exists in rice production systems and policy priorities across countries in this large and diverse region.
The main aim of this strategy document is to provide evidence-based strategic guidelines to membernations to help them (1) develop and adjust their rice sector strategies in the light of broader regional and global trends and national priorities and (2) choose among key strategic options while considering the implied trade-offs (or consequences). The outputs are presented in the form of strategic options and the implied trade-offs (or consequences) instead of being prescriptive. The intention is to enrich the strategy and policy formulation deliberations of member countries for achieving sustainable food security.

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