National food policy plan of action (2008-2015) Monitoring Report 2010

Technical Report

The Ministry of Food and Disaster Management fully acknowledges the importance of monitoring progress on the implementation of the NFP PoA so as to inform decision-making and is committed to support this process in consultation with other ministries and responsible actors. The NFP PoA Monitoring Report 2010, prepared in response to a request from the Food Planning and Monitoring Committee, is a clear reflection of this commitment. The Document represents a pilot effort to monitor progress towards the food security goals set through the NFP, and progress made under each of the 26 strategic areas of intervention set through the PoA on a comprehensive and systematic basis.

The Monitoring Report points to notable achievements and sustained efforts towards securing food availability, especially rice self-sufficiency, improving people’s access to food, and reducing malnutrition among women and children. However, it also highlights the need for further action by Government agencies and other partners towards sustaining food production efforts against the backdrop of strong demographic pressures, decreased availability of arable land, as well as increased market and climate uncertainties. In this context, speeding-up and scaling up the adoption of high-yielding, sustainable and resilient agricultural technologies, promoting small and marginal farmers’ participation in food production and markets, as well as developing effective weather and market early warning systems emerge as key priorities.

The Report also shows that the promotion of broad-based and inclusive employment opportunities in rural areas, efforts to improve the effectiveness of public food distribution operations and the expansion of productive safety nets in disadvantaged and highly vulnerable areas, but also in urban areas, will be key to securing people’s access to food. The Report also warns about the persistence of highly imbalanced diets, high prevalence of anaemia and food borne diseases, pointing to the urgent need for diversifying food production and consumption, along with measures to improve food safety as key priorities for improving overall nutritional outcome.

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