Master Plan for Agricultural Development in the Southern Region of Bangladesh


The Master Plan for Agricultural Development in the Southern Region of Bangladesh covers three hydrological regions- south central, southwest and southeast of the coastal zone covering 14 districts. The Master Plan has been developed in accordance with, and as a logical consequence of, several other policies and programmes that are on board. The coastal districts have generally been identified as a disadvantaged region in terms of poverty, food insecurity, environmental vulnerability and limited livelihood opportunities. The Ministry of Agriculture has therefore taken the initiative to prepare a comprehensive plan for the agricultural development in the region. The issue was highlighted in the Bangladesh Development Forum in 2010 and the Government put much emphasis to prepare such a Plan. The government has, therefore, recognized the current state of the region and especially mentioned the need for a Master Plan for the southern region in the Sixth Five Year Plan. The Ministry of Agriculture has taken the lead in the preparation process of the proposed Master Plan. It provides a detailed plan, estimates of investment need and a list of priority programmes. The objective of the Master Plan is to provide a road map for an integrated agricultural development in the coastal districts of Bangladesh aiming at sustainable food security, poverty reduction and livelihood development for the poor.

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Mar 2013
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Agricultural economics and policies
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FPMU Documentation Center
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