A little drop in the ocean: in quest for sustainable food security of Mankind


This book aims to institutionalise the food sub-sector to secure an easy access to sufficient food of choices of all at all times. The choice of the people for food is a must, because one cannot satisfy hunger of the people for rice by potatoes or maize or vegetables or biscuits, etc. Further the word 'choice' belongs to the concept of democracy and it is the democratic right of the people to choose their institutions that will look after their food security, human and overall economic development. The scope of the book covers those instruments of food policy that are enough supply, viable storage facility, distribution by efficient and transparent marketing, income transfers and maximisation of consumption of food. The prime objectives of the book are to stabilise supplies and prices for proper distribution of food items through fair market mechanism. Apart from these the book will institutionalise the sub-sector to bring forth the vulnerable under safety net programmes that are price supports and charitable for those who have inadequate purchasing power or have no purchasing power to fulfill their effective demand respectively. Food problems are mainly local in nature, large in magnitude and multidimensional in socioeconomic perspective. The book is a little effort to solve these vast problems.

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Jan 2011
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Food policy
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Food Security
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FPMU Documentation Center
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