Informed policy making for food security: research in support of the national food policy

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[Proceedings of the Consultative Workshop December 2007]

A core objective of the NFPCSP is to expand and deepen the capacity of civil society (academia and research institutions, universities, international organizations as well as civil society representatives) to conduct high quality research on food security issues and to support effective dialogue between policy makers and research so as to inform and enrich the implementation of the National Food Policy (NFP)
To support this, the NFPCSP is promoting socio-economic research on a broad range of food security issues and policies related to food availability, access, and utilization for nutrition, as well as cross-cutting issues such as gender, governance, environment and infrastructure under its Research Grant Initiative. Two research facilities are available under this initiative – the Programme Funded Research (PR) and the Challenge Fund (CF). Through the PR facility, NFPCSP supports long-term substantive research, while, under its CF facility, the NFPCSP supports short-term research work on existing specific policy interventions and practices, including options for scaling-up best practices.  The NFPCSP made open calls for research proposals from academic and research institutions and civil society organizations. Following thorough evaluation, 22 research proposals selected by the Research Grant Panel (RGP) received funding in October 2007.
The NFPCSP has also conducted a Benchmark Survey (BMS) covering three decades of literature relevant to food security in Bangladesh, which is meant to serve as a reference tool for both researchers and decision-makers in identifying food security research gaps and priorities. While the principal focus has been on research and policy documents directly related to food security in Bangladesh, the review has also taken cognizance of important contributions pertaining to other countries that are of particular relevance and interest to Bangladesh.
Finally, as part of NFPCSP efforts to promote high quality food security research, an evaluation of Research Institutions in the field of food security research has been undertaken to identify research institution(s) in Bangladesh potentially able to take a leading role in coordinating research under NFPCSP PR facility in the future, whilst, in the short-term, the evaluation is expected to provide relevant information for screening and evaluating research proposals for funding under the Programme.

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