Informed policy making for food security: assessing research needs and awarding research grants

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[Proceedings of the consultative workshop]

The Ministry of Food and Disaster Management organized a Consultative Workshop on Informed Policy Making for Food Security: Assessing Research Needs and Awarding Research Grants, in collaboration with National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme (NFPCSP), Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations with financial assistance from USAID and the EC on 29 November, 2006. The NFPCSP has been assessing the needs for food security related research that can inform decision making by policy makers in line with government determination to pursue the Millennium Development Goals and World Food Summit objectives.
Objectives of the Consultative Workshop
• Inform participants about the opportunities available for funding food security related research under NFPCSP
• Share and review the preliminary findings of the Research Needs Assessment (RNA) opinion survey on priority topics for food security research in the areas of availability, access, and utilization for nutrition, as well as cross-cutting issues (gender, governance, environment, and infrastructure)
• Elicit additional views on priority areas for food security related research from workshop participants
• Raise a consensus on the set of priority areas identified.
  Expected Outcomes
• Participants are informed about opportunities for funding of food security related research
• Consensus is obtained on priority food security related research topics, including research on cross-cutting issues
• Identified priorities for research genuinely reflect the views from a broad range of national stakeholders

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