Food strategies in Bangladesh

[Medium and long term perspectives]

Bangladesh will face enormous challenges over the next 25 years in trying to achieve food self-reliance and food security for all in the country. Since the early 1960's, much has been done to increase foodgrain production, to reduce seasonal fluctuations in foodgrain prices and to improve the food security of the poor. However, much will need to be done to meet the needs of a rapidly growing and increasingly urbanised population. The papers in this book on Food Strategies in Bangladesh - Medium and Long Term Perspectives were first |presented at a Government of Bangladesh-EEC seminar on the same theme that was held in Dhaka from 8 to 10 October 1988. The aims of the Seminar were: - to review the food policies of Bangladesh since Independence in order to identify the factors leading to their success or failure; - to identify the issues and problems the country will face in trying to ensure food security and increasing self-reliance over the next 25 years; - to assess the policy changes that will be needed if these problems are to be solved.
The papers in this book address these aims. They have been written by an eminent group of researchers and government officials and cover a wide range of issues on food production, food distribution and macro-economic policies. This book is destined to become an essential reference document for government officials, researchers and others wishing better to understand what is, perhaps, the main development problem facing the country.

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Jan 1989
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Food distribution
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Food policy
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Food Security
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FPMU Documentation Center
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O-1989-01 (2 copies)
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<p>[Proceedings of a seminar held in Dhaka 8-10 October, 1988 and jointly sponsored by the Government of Bangladesh and the Commission of the European Communities]</p>

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