FAO/WHO/OIE guidelines for the surveillance, management, prevention and control of Trichinellosis



The FAOIWHO/OIE Guidelines for the surveillance, management, preventia[l and control of trichinellasis were  developed with the objective of updating scientists, the public, and public health agencies responsible for trichinellosis  control and prevention on these new developments and on the latest understanding of trichinellosis. The Guidelines  reflect the accumulated knowledge and expertise of many internationally renowned experts on this zoonosis and the  contents cover the most recent discoveries and advances in Trichinella biology, systematics, epidemiology, diagnosis,  patient management, prevention and control. There is an emphasis on practical methodologies and procedures.  The Guidelines also provide advice and recommendations on programme planning, monitoring and evaluation,  including the new strategy of designating Trichinella-free areas and providing farm certification. The authors are  confident that the contents will prove to be useful and will constitute a complete resource for the detection and  treatment of infection, and for the development of prevention and control programmes for this ubiquitous and persistent  parasitic zoonosis.

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Dec 2007
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FPMU Documentation Center
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