Enhancing food security and nutrition policy assistance

[Lesson from experience]

Why is food security and nutrition (FSN) seldom a priority in national development planning? One reason is that strategies to reduce food insecurity and malnutrition are principally seen as a concern of the agricultural sector. Thus, strategies mostly focus on increasing aggregate food supplies. Furthermore, specific food insecurity reduction goals and targets are usually absent from most poverty reduction planning instruments. FAO, with support from the FAO Netherlands Partnership Programme, has thus been assisting countries in making sure FSN issues are included in development frameworks. This book synthesises lessons learned from five countries - Bhutan, Cambodia, Kenya, Mozambique and Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania - in providing policy assistance to better integrate FSN concerns in national policies and planning processes. The case studies show that effective FSN policy assistance must fully capture the multisectoral dimensions of food security. Effective policies should also have strong links to social investment, poverty reduction measures, development policies and above all human dignity. Steps in successful policy assistance include (i) a carefully designed policy assistance process; (ii) fully integrating food security analysis into all phases of the policy cycle, from formulation to implementation and monitoring; (iii) complementing support given in drafting policy statements with assistance in budgeting and planning policy and programme implementation; (iv) addressing institutional challenges related to food security governance; and (v) strengthening national capacity - especially in understanding the multidimensional nature of FSN. It is hoped that these lessons will inform future FSN related policy assistance provided by FAO and other agencies so as to increase their effectiveness in assisting member countries striving to eradicate the plight of hunger and malnutrition.

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Dec 2009
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Food Security
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