Compendium of inception and interim reports – volume IV

Technical Report
[Diversification, Efficiency and Support to Farmers]

This document is a compendium in four volumes of 14 draft Interim Reports and two draft Inception Reports produced by the Institutions that are conducting research under the Research Grant Scheme of the National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme (NFPCSP). For the two Inception Reports the Compendium also includes the Terms of Reference – defining objectives and scope of each study – that were used to invite research proposals.
The Research Grant Scheme is a major component of the NFPCSP, which is jointly implemented by Food Planning and Monitoring Unit (FPMU) of the Food Division of the Ministry of Food and Disaster Management and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, counting on financial support from the European Union (EU) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
The Research Grant Scheme funds policy – relevant food security research related to availability, access, and utilization of food identified in the research agenda of the FPMU. This includes 16 topics identified through a consultative process and approved by the Minister of Food and Disaster Management. This analytical undertaking is expected to inform policy making in Bangladesh consistently with the comprehensive food security policy framework defined in the National Food Policy and it’s Plan of Action, now embedded in the Sixth Five Year Plan and in the Country Investment Plan for Food Security, Agriculture and Nutrition.
Terms of Reference were defined for all 16 topics and used to issue two public calls for proposals in April and November 2011. The award winning Institutions have been selected following the process approved by the NFPCSP’s Steering Committee, which is described in the Guidelines for Submission, Selection and Implementation (for details go on internet at and includes advertisement of the Call for Proposals, administrative screening, technical evaluation and ranking; and final selection of the award winning proposals by the Research Grant Panel (a 10 member committee including member from Government, Civil society and UN organizations). The panel also issues recommendations for improving the selected research proposals. The NFPCSP supports and monitors research activities through it’s Technical Assistance Team (TAT) and Research Grant Administrator and mobilizing FAO expertise for the Asia Pacific Regional Office and HQ in Rome.
This compendium is offered to the participants in the workshop on ‘Research to Inform Food and Nutrition Security Policies’ to be held on 7-8 May 2012 at the Ruposhi Bangla Hotel in Dhaka as background information to facilitate active participation in the debate. Indeed, the Workshop intends to provide an opportunity to review progress of the research programs with a view to (1) promote policy focus and relevance of the research program and (2) enhance technical quality of the research by facilitating dialogue between researchers and policy makers

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