Changing in food and nutrient consumption among the ultra poor: Is the CFPR/TUP programme making a difference?

Working Paper
[CFPR working paper series No. 11]

To combat various dimensions of extreme poverty and create the foundation for a sustainable livelihood change, BRAC initiated a specialized programme called the CFPRfTUP (Challenging the Frontiers of Poverty Reduction/Targeting the Ultra Poor) since 2002. This study aims to investigate the impact of CFPRffUP programme on the food and nutrient consumption. The outcome of this report is presented in two parts- the first part is based on the comparison of food and energy intake data between 2002 and 2004 to assess the changes in food consumption among the ultra poor households over the period. The second part describes the differences in food and nutrient consumption between selected ultra poor (SUP)and non selected ultra poor (NSUP) households in 2004.

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Jan 2007
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Human nutrition - General aspects
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Physiology of human nutrition
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FPMU Documentation Center
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