Carbon Finance Possibilities for Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use Projects in a Smallholder Context

Working Paper

This booklet is intended to guide extension service advisors and institutions who work
with small-scale farmers and foresters with an interest in Carbon Finance and Carbon
Projects. Its aim is to support setting-up carbon projects which involve small-scale farmers.
Their participation allows them to be involved in the development and implementation of
the project, influence the design of the project to generate positive impacts for the farmers
and increase their knowledge about carbon finance. The definition of a small-scale farmer
differs between and within countries. In most cases it is a farmer who cultivates less than
one hectare of land and has diverse sources of livelihood.
The guide is structured into five sections: first, the background of climate change is
explained (1); second, an introduction is given to how the carbon market works (2); this
is followed by an explanation of carbon project development and the timeline and project
size to take into account for planning (3); four, costs to be expected during the development
of carbon projects are summarised, as well as benefits (4); finally, different funds and grants
are presented (5). This booklet will need constant updating, as the political framework is
changing very fast, causing changes in legislation, as well as actors, funds and regulations.
In addition, the available data, research and knowledge for the development of carbon
projects is constantly improving which will facilitate their future upgrowth.

Date and language
Jan 2010
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FPMU Documentation Center

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