Business and the WTO market access negotiations for goods: Post-Doha strategy options for the developing country business community


For the business community, the features of today's multilateral trading system represent security for trade. It also represents predictability, which enables business to engage in strategic planning and decision-making. More important, the transparency associated with such a rules-based system affords the business community many opportunities to participatein influencing the making of rules relating to international trade policy. The present study represents only a starting point for an important global debate concerning the role of the business community in multilateral trade negotiations. Guides to further reading are provided at the end of the paper. Readers who may be interested in pursuing specific issues are invited to consult the listed works, which includes publications that may not be cited in the text, as well as the web sites of the major think tanks and international organizations that maintain active research programs relating to the WTO negotiations and trade and development.

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Jan 2003

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