Agricultural science in the Netherlands

[Directory: 1994-1996]

The information in this publication has been compiled by the International Agricultural Centre (lAC), especially with a view to assist visitors from abroad. It is the 28th successor to a four paged mimeographed leaflet issued in 1947. The current edition presents information on the situation as per February 1994, as provided by the Wageningen Agricultural University and its departments, Agricultural Research Institutes, research stations and related institutions in and outside Wageningen. This book starts with general information on:
- the International Agricultural Centre;
- the National Council for Agricultural Research;
- the Wageningen Agricultural University;
- the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Agriculture,
  Nature Management and Fisheries;
- the Agricultural Research Department;
- the Department for Agricultural Education of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management   and Fisheries;
-the Netherlands Council for International Education and Training in Agricul ture; and  
-the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Utrecht University.




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Dec 1996
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Agricultural economics and policies
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FPMU Documentation Center
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