Achieving food security in the face of climate change

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The Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change was established by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) with support from the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development (GDPRD) to produce a clear and authoritative set of policy recommendations. The Commission brings together senior natural and social scientists working in agriculture, climate, food and nutrition, economics, and natural resources in governmental, academic and civil society institutions in Australia, Brazil, Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, France, Kenya, India, Mexico, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States and Vietnam. During 2011, the Commissioners undertook a synthesis of major assessment reports to clearly articulate scientific findings on the potential impact of climate change on agriculture and food security globally and regionally and to identify the most appropriate actions and pathways to achieve food security in the context of climate change.
Key Recommendations:
1. Integrate food security and sustainable agriculture into global and national policies
2. Significantly raise the level of global investment in sustainable agriculture and food
systems in the next decade
3. Sustainably intensify agricultural production while reducing greenhouse gas
emissions and other negative environmental impacts of agriculture
4. Target populations and sectors that are most vulnerable to climate change and
food insecurity
5. Reshape food access and consumption patterns to ensure basic nutritional needs
are met and to foster healthy and sustainable eating habits worldwide
6. Reduce loss and waste in food systems, particularly from infrastructure, farming
practices, processing, distribution and household habits
7. Create comprehensive, shared, integrated information systems that encompass
human and ecological dimensions

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Nov 2011
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