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Meeting the Undernutrition Challenge (MUCH) Project in Bangladesh is jointly implemented by the Food Planning and Monitoring Unit (FPMU) of the Ministry of Food (MoFood) of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations with the financial support of USAID and the European Union. The main objective of the Project is to strengthen the enabling environment for food security and nutrition (FSN). This project is built upon the good practices and lessons learnt from a previous programme, National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme (NFPCSP). NFPCSP had assisted the GoB, in particular the FPMU in strengthening its capacities to design and monitor information-based food security and nutrition (FSN) policies and investment plans. Within this framework, through the Research Grant Scheme (RGS) the project will support a total of 10 research studies on FSN encompassing food availability, access, nutrition, food safety and social safety net programmes. The evidence generated through these researches will inform the policies and programmes related to FSN and contribute to evidence base decision making. The research topics are centered around key policy questions of priority to the government.

The MUCH project invites research proposals to be considered for funding. The research proposal(s) must address a topic that falls under one or more of the following research themes:

1. Implications of diversified agriculture production on the economic and nutritional status of farming households
2. Post-harvest transformation, value chain and markets for healthy diets and nutrition enhancement
3. Estimation of overall food losses and waste at all levels of the food chain
4. Social protection for nutrition-sensitive food systems in times of heightened risk and vulnerability
5. Total diet study of Bangladesh
6. Nutrient density of habitual and desirable diets in Bangladesh by life cycle stage and region
7. Women’s empowerment, children’s diets and nutrition in urban and peri-urban settings
8. Innovation and technology in food system development and planning
9. Policy coherence and food and nutrition security in Bangladesh
10. Survey on consumer awareness of nutrition, food safety and hygiene

Participation in the RGS is restricted to civil society, research and academic institutions. Individual researchers should submit their proposals through their institutions of affiliation. One institution/ department can submit up to 2 research grants for competition in reply to a call for proposals, but not more than one grant can be awarded to the same institution/ department, and a grant should not exceed more than 100,000 US Dollars per institution at any given time. Grants will be awarded to the best research proposals specified within the above themes and will have to be completed within 12-16 months from the date of award. Interested applicants are requested to carefully read the Guidelines before preparing the research proposals. Queries may be sent by e-mail to: Mr. Shishir Debnath (MUCH National Project Administrator; writing RGS in the subject before the 20th of June 2019 or read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Failure to comply with the Guidelines will lead to the rejection of the proposal. The deadline for submission of research proposals has been extended to Monday, 15 July 2019 at 4.00 pm (Bangladesh Time), institutions that have already submitted their applications do not need to re-apply. Incomplete applications, applications submitted by FAX or email, or applications received after the deadline will not be accepted. The original, two paper copies and one electronic copy (e.g. CD ROM) of the research proposal(s) should be submitted in a sealed envelope mailed or delivered to the address below:

Mr Shishir Debnath ( National Project Administrator MUCH, c/o FPMU, Khaddya Bhaban (Ground Floor) 16 Abdul Ghani Road, Dhaka 1000; Bangladesh

Download Application Package Below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


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